Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Painting and lots of it

Yesterday Pete, Francois and Kev were painting the interior of the shop. The main walls will be a nice terracotta/orange colour with yellow being splashed over everything else which was previously white, such as doorframes, windowledges, poles, circuitboards etc.

We're going back round there in an hour or so to gloss everything up and to cover any loose ends which need to be done!

Here's a photo of what the inside of the shop looks like so far, it's probably the photo that shows it best. At the moment it's looking more like a west indian take away than a skate shop!

Gorm has given the shop a mention over on the Tweakerzine. Check it out here
Oh, here's an improvement of the Playstation one CD player, this one gets past track 11!

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