Saturday, 28 March 2009

The first steps

are getting underway, we've started to get some product in as well as working on the interior of the shop! We'll be opening our doors in early April!

Kev's already moved some essentials in the shop such as...

The old Playstation 1 which also acts as a CD player (usually up to track 10 or 11, then it skips)

Def comedy jam boxset, there is untold hours of crap comedy on there which needs to be watched as the price tag on it was £30. I only bought it as I thought some of the faces on the front looked funny (without trying to sound like a racist!)

The rest of my DVD collection

We ended up on a late night cleaning mission in the shop one night and ended up drinking a few beers, how interesting. The Borat DVD shown in the video was also quite funny, even though we couldn't watch it in the shop....

We'll be trying to flog you some pairs of these when you walk through our doors

Also not included in the photos
TV, old skate mags, bog roll, extension cable and a few other things which obviously aren't that important if I can't remember them!

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